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A Little About Me

As a tween I would sign up to every platform I discovered. I got itchy after exhausting the social profile design limitations, and sought for more. First, there was Tripod, Angelfire, and Geocities. When I discovered LiveJournal and MySpace I tried my hand at making layouts and made fast friends with CSS/HTML, which lead the way for the more modern Wordpress, etc. During all of this I dabbled (a lot) in Photoshop to complement the web designs I was playing with. I made landing pages and layouts galore! Growing up I was the tech savvy one in the family (read: the nerd 🤓 — I had the glasses and all).

Now, as a Certified Adult™ I'm gearing up to forge my path in the realm of social media and digital marketing. You know I'm absorbing all the information I can to equip myself as a competitive starter in this field. We're talking optimising content creation for engagement, social media management, copywriting, SEO, PPC campaigns, trends and tech sourcing, CRM management, and, my reliable OG, graphic design. That's for starters.

I'm not for the life of corporate drudgery or stringent red tape. Forget wondering whether I accidentally worded that e-mail in a passive aggressive tone or if I'm dressed just-so unoffensively. In my work I'm seeking passion, problem-solving, never-ending learning and evolution! I have a heart of gold and the drive to know more, be more, give more, always.


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